Dental Braces

Dentists usually recommend braces to patients with crooked or crowded teeth, and incorrect overbites or underbites. The orthodontic treatment works by applying continuous pressure to your teeth, which make them move slowly in a specific direction. As the braces shift your teeth, the bone gradually goes to a more accurate position.

The Advantages of Dental Braces

Apart from making your teeth look better, braces also improve your overall dental health. Misaligned teeth and bite issues can increase food buildup between teeth, which may result to plaque and gum disease. It also prevents tooth damage by protecting your teeth from irregular bite patterns.

Dental braces also contribute to a person’s social wellness. People with crooked teeth tend to have lower self-esteem compared to those who have straighter teeth. The physical improvement that braces give helps boost a person’s overall confidence and personality.

Stress-Free Dental Procedure

Some people are scared of getting dental braces because of the treatment’s meticulous process. Caring Smiles understands this apprehension, which is why our team provides orthodontic treatments that are painless and effective at the same time.

Our dental braces are ideal for families in Boise who seek an affordable, but high-quality dental service. Our experienced dentists and clinical staff make the procedure more pleasant by assuring our clients comfort during and after the treatment. No matter how old you are, Caring Smiles will cater to all of your dental needs and requirements.

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