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Dental Bonding & White Fillings

If you received a filling to protect against cavities many years ago, you likely got one that was made of metal, which is noticeable in your mouth and can impact your self-confidence and your desire to show off your teeth. In addition to being unattractive, some patients prefer to avoid metal fillings that contain mercury due to health concerns. Fortunately today dentistry has evolved and there are plenty of options to receive non-metal and tooth-colored fillings that blend into your teeth.

White fillings are advantageous for many reasons:

  • They can strengthen the tooth rather than making it more susceptible to breaking later
  • They are aesthetically more pleasing for most people
  • They match the natural color and strength of your tooth
  • They reduce sensitivity to hot and cold
  • They do not include any traces of mercury or other metals

Composite Bonding

At Caring Smiles we use composites and place them with careful technique to ensure that they resemble your natural tooth as much as possible, and restore your tooth to its original strength with the least invasive procedures and the most conservative treatment possible.

Composites are made of a hard resin, which, when it bonds with the teeth, holds it together to help with a variety of cosmetic restorations, including:

  • Filling in gaps between teeth
  • Covering spots or other discolorations
  • Repairing chips or cracks
  • Restoring teeth that have been affected by cavities

Dental bonding is a simple procedure that can often be completed in a single dental visit, so you can get your teeth repaired and get back to your busy lifestyle with limited interruption for extensive dental restorative work.

Advanced Technology and Techniques

At Caring Smiles our dentists use only the most advanced technology and the latest techniques to ensure that you get a natural-looking smile in the least invasive way possible. We offer a variety of materials you can choose for fillings and repairs to missing, damaged, decayed, or worn teeth.

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