Hospital Dentistry



Hospital Dentistry

Some patients require procedures that cannot be performed in a traditional dental office, while others simply prefer to get their procedure done in a hospital setting. In cases where you might require more extensive work, or need to go under general anesthesia to have your dental work done, you will need to go to the hospital.

Common Reasons for Hospital Dental Care

Most patients are able to get dental care in a traditional dental clinic, but in some cases your care might require that you are seen in a hospital setting. The most common reasons a patient would be seen in a hospital are generally for treatment of severe trauma or disease, in situations where the patient’s medical history makes it desirable to be in a more controlled environment, dental emergencies that occur in combination with other medical emergencies, and dental care for long-stay hospital patients.

In some cases patients simply prefer to be seen at a hospital, or prefer more extensive general anesthesia for complex procedures such as wisdom teeth removal. You may also need hospital dental care after being referred by another dental practitioner for complex medical conditions, congenital abnormalities, or complex facial reconstruction.

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