Learning the Truth About Fluoride

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March 1, 2017
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Learning the Truth About Fluoride

Within any dental office, including at Caring Smiles Dental Clinic, you’ll hear a lot about fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally-occurring substance found in virtually all water supply at some level or another, and the right amounts of it can help in major areas of long term tooth protection.

There is also some debate surrounding fluoride, with certain agendas aimed at discrediting its benefits and raising potential safety and side effect issues. Let’s look into the truth behind fluoride.

Vital Nutrient

Fluoride has been recognized throughout the scientific community as a vital nutrient that helps strengthen teeth. It’s not a medication, according to multiple US court decisions. It is, however, the most cost-effective way to prevent tooth decay and build tooth health – for instance, the state of Texas saves an average of $24 per child every single year in Medicaid expenditures just because of the cavities prevented by fluoridated drinking water.

Importance in Childhood

Studies have also documented the effectiveness and necessity of fluoride for developing mouths, especially babies. Kids who drink fluoridated water will have stronger teeth, and will resist tooth decay significantly more effectively. Tooth decay and other major issues can be major interferences with health and quality of life, and can impact everything from sleep and growth to success in business (a 2008 study showed that employers will view people with missing front teeth as less intelligent or desirable).


Much of the debate surrounding fluoride comes down to whether it’s safe, so let’s set the record straight: It absolutely is, both for children and adults. Multiple leading health and medical organizations have agreed on this simple fact, including the CDC.

Dozens of studies over multiple decades have proven as much, and the so-called “evidence” commonly used by anti-fluoride proponents is in fact typically a faulty study performed by less-than-reputable experimenters. Huge holes were immediately poked in “studies” that reportedly linked fluoride with lower IQ, and no reputable study has ever been published that adequately proves any health risks from fluoride.

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