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Caring Smiles is now pleased to offer full orthodontic services!  Most people have thoughts about getting braces at one point in their lives.  We all want to have our best possible smile, and for many people a misaligned jaw can cause significant problem with proper cleaning of the teeth, chewing, speech, and unusual “wear and tear” on teeth.

When should I get braces?

Usually the earlier a doctor can intervene, the better with orthodontia.  Often early intervention can prevent the need for more extensive treatment down the road, saving you pain and money.  But there is never a bad time to improve your oral health and get your best smile!  For many who did not have the means or inclination to wear braces as a youth, doing so as an adult can be a great investment in yourself and your self-image.

Individual Patient Orthodontics

The days of one size fits all braces are done, and Caring Smiles is pleased to offer the most advanced techniques to get you a great smile!  We offer Individual Patient Orthodontics, which creates a custom set of braces and wires to each patient depending on their treatment goals.  This customized treatment makes the treatment time faster and more effective.  The IP Appliance® method can cut treatment time up to 40% in many cases!

How can I pay for treatment?

We offer a variety of payment options, with discounts when paid in cash up front, as well as 18- and 24-month financing options.  These options make getting the treatment you want surprisingly affordable!

How do I get more information?

Contact Caring Smiles at (208) 893-5000 or at office@caringsmilesdentalclinic.com today!